Saturday, October 07, 2006

Found Objects

As I was digging through one of the places I hide (er, keep) yarn, looking for a particular color for a mending job, I found these...

Well, will you look at that! three cute little wool hats I had completely forgotten. Nice warm wool: the top two are made of Bartlettyarns left over from a sweater project I did years back. (Though I wore the sweater only two days ago, which just goes to prove that a good wool sweater in a not- too- trendy style can last you most of your life. Which further goes to prove that good wool yarn is actually an investment and worth acquiring and keeping-er-hiding. The bottom hat is made with some odds and ends of natural brown alternating with vivid Kool Aid dying experiment.

Now why on earth would I make these and them put them away and forget them? Oh........

Well I have the tapestry needle out now, and with luck I'll have them finished by the end of the day.

(Edited to add: It's amazing how much less boring it is to weave in ends if you combine it with cruising other people's blogs. A cute dog, a cute baby and some beautiful handspinning shots later, and I have two of the three hats done. I was distracted a bit toward "yarn as an investment" by CatBookMom She's enableing again.)

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kmkat said...

Pretty hats! Congrats on finishing them -- multitasking is a great way to get certain things done.