Monday, November 05, 2007

Liking Lorna's Laces

This really is very nice yarn.

It's nice and smooth with a good firm twist and the Sherbet colors are yummy. Generally speaking, I wear rather subdued (dull) colors, but I love hot, bright combinations (think Mexico and India). Socks are where I sometimes indulge that fancy.

What? Launching into a new sock before that green pair is finished? Well, I'm trying to write up my hen-scratch notes into a usable pattern first. Then I can proofread the pattern by knitting the second sock from it. But for me the writing/formatting is slower going than the knitting, so it will be a while.


kmkat said...

Pretty, pretty color! I used to wonder what people wore their fancy colored hand-knit socks with -- now I realize they go with everything!

Cindy G said...

*G* I wore my newest Opal socks on the way home from New Orleans. As I was going shoeless through the screening gate the TSA guy looked down, looked up, and then announced, "And now the lady with the bright socks!" First time the TSA ever made me smile, and I hope I cheered up his day, too.