Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Evaluation Time

I've finished the first incarnation of the Checkmate socks, so it's time for evaluation.

Overall I like the look, but they are just a leeetle bit loose at the top, and a leeetle bit shorter than I like for myself, at least for winter socks. If they were longer, they would fit more closely at the top, because they would hit a wider part of my calf.
I worked a bit slackly on the top checkers, out of concern that the slip stitchs might pull in too tightly. I think I overcompensated. They aren't bad, they're just not perfect.

I do like the way the toes came out.


Hooray for friends of libraries. (and thanks to everyone who commented.) This pic was taken just outside the back door, right near the spot I park in

1 comment:

Squeaky said...

Ooo, for whatever faults you find in them, they are some NIFTY socks.