Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hubba Hubba

I'm excited. I've joined the design team at The Garter Belt, "your clean, well-lit source for knitwear." Several of my current patterns will find a new home there, plus a new sock pattern for sale and a little freebie. I'm honored to be joining a great group of designers. Everyone's new patterns will be going up very soon. If you want a preview of the big event, just hop over and sign up for the newsletter: it will have the lowdown on new patterns from all the designers, plus Rebecca Hatcher's fibery article that is very good but I won't say more because you have to sign up to get it (hint,hint, hint).

In the meantime, here's a tiny sneak peek of my new stuff.

Go on, sign up now, it's right here, only takes a minute, and while you're there you can browse the very nice patterns already available. Tell 'em Cindy sent ya.


YarnThrower said...

Congrats on your new venture!! I know that you and Elizabeth will make a great "local" team!

kmkat said...