Saturday, November 03, 2007

Did I Say Something About a Sock?

Well, yes, yes I did.

This is what I was working on while I was flying. It's made out of Elann "Esprit", that stretchy cotton/Lycra stuff that still kind of makes me want to giggle. Yarn that is boingy - yay! These will be summer socks, so short leg. Plus if I had made the tops more than an inch longer, I wouldn't have been able to squeak a sock out of one ball. Hey, I have big feet.

I've been kind of into diagonals lately. And I wanted to practice my new found "cable without a cable needle" skills.

Still have the second sock ahead of me. Normally I cast on two and switch back and forth between them so as to finish roughly at the same time. But I only took one, on the theory that in case there was any trouble, I did not want the TSA confiscating all my good Crystal Palace dpns.

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Elizabeth said...

Very lovely sock!