Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I know it's almost Thanksgiving because I can hear the guns.

This is rural Wisconsin. It's deer season. So yes, I'm hearing gunshots as I write. (I once worked with a gal whose Thanksgiving dinner for about the past twenty years had always been chili, because the entire family were avid hunters.) I should probably add hunters to my gratitude roster, because anything that tends to keep deer off the roads is helpful to me (if not to the deer).

Seriously, whatever shape your dinner takes, and whoever you share it with, I hope your Thanksgiving finds you with blessings to be grateful for.

On my "thankful for" list this year I've got
  • tulips

  • anything that can make me laugh

  • unexpected kindnesses from friends and strangers

  • Donna's jazz club in New Orleans

  • everyone who volunteers in any way to make the world a better place

  • freedom to dissent

  • Frieda Kahlo

  • and always, most of all, Mr S and the Girl I Am So Proud Of

This is only partial, feel free to add (whether here or just in your own heart). And have a happy Turkey Day.


magnusmog said...

Gunshots here too but for the pheasants, I've never understood the urge to shoot them, they seem to be much easier to run over than deer and do a lot less damage to the car :)

kmkat said...

Yeah, a friend came over today to knit and watch movies with me; she said she has stopped going for her daily walks this week because she keeps hearing gunshots. Good move, I said.

I'm thankful for my family, that they are healthy and that they are all good people; for being privileged to live in luxury relative to 90% of the world's population; for being free to do [mostly] what I want in life; and for the internets, that allow me to connect with folks like you and the other knitbloggers out there.