Friday, October 05, 2007

temping at the High School

Out of the blue, the secretary at the high school called me and asked me if I would be interested in subbing one day next week, not for a teacher, for her. Somewhat to my own surprise, I said "yes." So this morning I went in for about an hour and a half of observation. I'll go in Wednesday for some "hands on", and then Friday I'll be on my own with the phone-with-forty-buttons, and the PA system, and the lunch lists and attendance lists and daily announcement list and the dispensing of meds (!), and the keeping track of what meetings are happening where, and the little radio for getting in touch with maintenance... Could be interesting. Hope the school district survives.

(Actually, there is also a District secretary just down the hall, so I won't really be completely sink or swim on my own. But the thought of that phone system has me envisioning situations out of I Love Lucy. )

I don't know how much Carol, the regular secretary, makes; but I can vouch that she earns every penny, and does it with a smile and grace.

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