Friday, October 12, 2007

Guess it wasn't just my knickers that got twisted

by the article I referenced in my last post. Yeah, it's the lazy stereotyping (as magnusmog put it) that really bugged me, the too facile either-or setup.

So I say, ovenburners and non-ovenburners unite in knitterly sister(and brother)hood. If you're a good cook, I love you to death and please invite me for dinner. If you aren't a domestic goddess (or god), have me over for an instant cup of Joe. (I've never been able to do wine and knit, or I'd suggest a bottle of Two Buck Chuck). If you spin, all the better, I'll bring some of the dustbunnies along, already carded.

I don't want to drive my nice pointy sticks through any one's heart, just nail the spurious dichotomies.

Today was my big day as substitute school secretary, and I'll write all about it tomorrow, promise. Right now I'm a very sleepy camper. (I am Woman, hear me snore).

1 comment:

YarnThrower said...

Let me know if you ever run out of dust bunnies, because I've got lots which I'll give away for free... Not exactly a domestic goddess here, though I can cook if I can pay attention to what I'm doing long enough...