Thursday, October 25, 2007

Odds and Loose Ends

At 6:30 tomorrow, we will be hopping on the plane for NOLA. This time, I won't forget my camera. I just have to remember to get it out and take pictures. Now I need to figure out what to bring for airplane knitting. I'm not a good flyer and it helps to keep my hands busy.

As I thought, it is highly likely that my Ravelry invite will arrive while we're gone, I'm down to 700 and something today.

The holiday season catalogs are starting to overflow the mailbox again. I've been meaning to sign up with this site. When we get back.

Jane Austen fans might find this fun (at any rate I managed to spend at least and hour perusing Regency recipes and fashion tips). It's the online magazine of the Jane Austen Center in Bath. Mr S signed me up for their email newsletter when he visited last summer.

Have a good weekend all.


YarnThrower said...

Happy trails and good knitting while you're out of the area! Does this mean you're going to miss "last Saturday knitting?"

Angie said...

Have fun in NOLA! It is a wonderful place.

MollyBeees said...

Have a great and safe trip and let me know when you get back what airline you took and what they allowed you to take for knitting. I am going to Maine in Dec. on Delta and would love to take some DPNs for socks but would hate to have to throw a tantrum if they tried to take them away!