Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kid Socks 32

Hmmm, sort of sounds like the name of a band, or rapper of a particularly yarnly sort. But nope, it's just the socks for Afghanistan finished, washed and drying. They ended up with a foot 8 inches long. According to the handy "Sock It To Me" comparison card, this puts them right between a size 1 and 2 shoe. I have no idea what age this corresponds to (and of course age and shoe size don't correspond exactly anyway). But they do look as though they will fit someone in the 7 - 14 range specified. I've put up my more detailed directions here.

edited to add: These are just basic little tip down socks. Anyone experienced won't need the pattern, but because they are small they might make a good first sock project.

Over at CatbookMom'sYarns, I picked up the link to this little evaluator thing. Looks like the kids can read Baxterknits unsupervised.


Still Minnesota nice, I guess.


YarnThrower said...

Fun rating tool! I'm going to see what my blog is rated, too!

Cindy G said...

Hi Laura,
I just stopped by and see that Pickin and Throwin is a "G", too. I have to confess, I keep wondering what it would take to go for a PG-13.... (There's part of me that would like to be a bad girl, well just a little bit.)

magnusmog said...

Love the stripes - how sweary do you have to be to get a parental advisory rating ?!