Friday, December 15, 2006

Winding way

Time to wind off another skein of the Tiger, Tiger yarn. (That's a good thing, means I'm making progress.) I have a swift, wouldn't live without it, but no ball winder. I rather like winding by hand. It gives me a chance to start getting acquainted with the yarn. It can be soothing, almost meditative. It can also be slow, especially with lace weight (lotta yardage per skein).

So I like to have a little music while I work. Today it's Mmario's CD By Her Command. The lyrical medieval/renaissance feel seems to suit the season and the task at hand. With days growing shorter, I especially like the "New Year's Toast", which you can hear for yourself. (It's toward the bottom of the linked page).


CatBookMom said...

Thank you very much for the link to this music. I find it very moving, particularly the New Year's Toast. I'd very much like to know about more music in this style; can you clue me in on where to find it?

Cindy G said...

I wish I did know more, I kind of stumbled on this. (The singer, Mmario, is also a prolific lace knitter.) The style reminds me a bit of a cassette tape I used to have of Celtic Harp music, which I loved but it broke and was something I had picked up at a used book store and could never find a replacement for.
I tried a Goodgle search on Jeri Corlew, listed as the author of the New Year's Toast, and came up with almost nothing....

Cindy G said...

I should have mentioned that ordering info for the CD is at

MMario said...


Jeri Corlew is a friend; a member of the forum at Mudcat Cafe ( and a member of FSGW (Folk Society of Greater Washington.

Pop into Mudcat - there are lots of extremely musicaly knowledgeble people frequenting it - from all around the globe - and they can probably help you find any genre you want.