Thursday, December 28, 2006

Odds and Ends

I've added a new link in the sidebar to my free pattern for Not Really Cable Socks. This used to live at the knitting site, but disappeared from there when the old moderator left.

Mmario finished his test knit of the Progressive Shawl. Here's his pic of the finished results, pre blocking.

Ethereal, no? I will launch the pattern for sale (via this blog and maybe eBay) in January.

I found a new Jane Austen quote, and have added it the the comments in Literary Knit-erary.

Last item finished before Christmas. Wool Ease Thick and Quick, k1, p1 rib. Very fast knit. It's for the Red Scarf Project, of course.
And since yesterday was clip art sample day...

This One's for CatBookMom


Calamintha said...

Mmario does it again! What a beautiful shawl from an equally beautiful pattern! Kudos to Mmario, the Master of Lace and to you too Cindy for being such a creative and talented designer!

mehitabel said...

It's a beautiful shawl! And I love the cat-on-the-books picture. May I borrow it? That's the sight that greets me most mornings: my cat, hunkered down on top of the pile of knitting books on the dresser next to my bed, willing me to wake up and feed him! I'm so glad to have found your blog (via CatBookMom). Lace, cats, books--yum!

Cindy G said...

Thanks for the nice words (I'm purring myself)

I got the picture as a clip art "free sample" from Dover Publishing, so I think it would be fine to copy it. As I understand it, most of the collections they publish are "copyright free"