Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Caps for Newborns Still Needed

CatBookMom has an update on Save the Children's project (Caps to the Capitol) to supply hats to newborns in developing countries. They still need more by January.

I had mailed a couple off in September, but I whipped up two more today.

This is a quick project, and handy for using up bits from the "loose ends" bag.

So how about it Wisconsin knitters? (All others, too, of course.)

You can find a pdf file with complete program information, including pattern, at Save The Children.

Or, my pattern for this simple variation of the basic cap is here.


Laura said...

I'll check out the details later, but I'm "in". The final exam for my class got **cancelled**, so suddenly I have a lot more free time than I thought I'd have in this next week...

Cindy G said...

Thanks Laura! A cancelled exam, how sweet is that!

kmkat said...

Right now I'm frantically knitting hats for Rachel's Soaring Eagles Project (here's a quick description http://pennylane.blogspot.com/2006/10/soaring-eagles-project.html), but they have to be to her by Dec. 18. After that I could maybe whip out a couple or three quickie hats for this project. Jeez, who knew that knitting could feel so good?! Thanks for the heads up.

Cindy G said...

Oh wow Kmkat, that looks like a wonderful project. You go girl!