Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

No, no knitting content today, either (or not enough to sneeze at, anyway). I have spent much of the last several days wrestling with computer stuff (you know how well I deal with that). But I have updated the Tiny Baxterknits Website (really nothing there that hasn't appeared here - so don't all rush over at once). And I have made the photos in the sidebar here into handy dandy links to pages where (with the push of a button!) anyone so inclined can instantly purchase pdf patterns for the pictured items. Of course, before I could accomplish this I had to: download a program for converting files to pdf (thank you Mmario for suggesting a good one), set up an account with Payloadz, actually use HTML for the picture links (possible only because of Jacquie's excellent instructions), fiddle with layouts (website still needs work) and uploading pictures (easy for you, you don't have to find the pics in my disorganized files)... Along the way stopped to struggle with the format of the Progressive Shawl pattern draft, which suddenly did something weird and unexpected, but I think I've got it licked.

And since I seem to be whining, the "Tiger,Tiger" yarn is behaving in an unexpected fashion. In an earlier post I said it seemed kind of thick for lace weight. That was true then. Now it seems like lace weight. Is it me, or is it the yarn? For a while I assumed it was me: a) I was imagining it, b) I was pulling tighter, or causing it to twist more or c)......? But when I added in the second ball, it was still thinner, right from the start. It isn't a huge difference, but I can discern it, and the question is how much will it show after blocking? (OK, so a little knitting content).

Needless to say, I cannot report that I have finished, or even made progress on, the fluffy eyelash triangle scarf and two hats that need to be mailed out in time to arrive by Christmas.

On the bright side, we did go to a lovely live production of "The Christmas Carol" in Madison yesterday, and we sat in the second row so I got a good view of the excellent costuming, and during intermission daydreamed about "wouldn't it be fun to knit for a theater company?"
(I was probably one of the very few in the audience paying particularly close attention to Bob Cratchit's muffler, and was that shawl on the second daughter hand knit or not?)

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