Monday, December 11, 2006


Yesterday I put the Christmas knitting in the mail, so now it's back to

The first half of the stole is almost done, and I confess I am not satisfied with the arrangement of the patterns. The simpler bit in the middle is just too abrupt and clunky. I have a couple of ideas as to how I want to change it. Sigh! I could either think of this as a very large swatch and start over, or push on and finish the second side to match this one anyway. I'm going to push on, because this is, among other things, a stash reduction project, and I will not buy any of the WEBS alpaca silk lace weight that I am longing for until the stash actually is reduced.

I find myself goofing up on the Tiger Eye pattern more than I would have expected, and have been trying to figure out why. It's a fairly logical pattern, despite the changing stitch count in the first half. The quadruple yarn overs don't phase me. I think it's just logical enough that I get a bit too comfortable and go on semi-autopilot; my mind starts to wander; and then I trip up

"In the forests of the night", indeed!

Completely unrelated: I am standing a bit in awe of my daughter, who, I just found out, performed the Heimlich Maneuver on someone last Thursday, and presumably saved his life. I'm proud of you kiddo! (Always was, but this adds a new dimension.)

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Calamintha said...

Congrats on being mother of a hero! It's always nice to hear stories like that. I'm sure the Tiger will look fabulous when finished! Are you planning a lace edging around it? When I got done with the Starlight Stole I thought it looked a little blah and put a simple lace edging on and it really added quite a bit to the look. About the yarn, I would recommend that you contact WEBS and ask them to send you a sample of the yarn you are interested in. I ordered a couple of cones of Valley "lace" yarn from them a few years ago and wasn't very satisfied with it. It was actually weaving yarn that they said could be used for handknitting also. One of the cones had so much machine oil on it I would have had to wash it all before using it. Even after doing a swatch and washing it, it wasn't a particularly nice yarn. Caveat Emptor!