Thursday, August 24, 2006

Look Ma, no pins!

The worsted version of the SLS is drying. The pattern didn't need a lot of stretching out, so I just pulled and patted it into shape. Note less than perfectly straight side edges. Hey, this is a scarf. It's going to be wrapped around my neck. I guarantee no one less than a State Fair judge is even going to notice.

In the meantime, one thing always leads to another. I occured to me to wonder if it might not be nice to have a bit more openwork in the center. Which led to the addition of two eyelets, which led to the addition of a few more, which may or may not lead to.... another scarf?... a panel for a sweater...? What if I widened it enough to put a little shetland bead stitch where the extra eyelets are now? Or what if I left it as is, but knit on a pointy edging along each side? Of course, at this point it no longer exactly qualifies as "simple".

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