Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ellen's Fichu

In case you were wondering, "fichu" is an old fashioned term for an item that wraps across the shoulders and meets or crosses at the front.

Lace knitter extrodinaire Ellen test knit my version/interpretation, provided helpful feedback, acted as cheerleader and now, bless her, mailed her knitting so I can see and feel it for myself.
It's done in Jaggerspun Zephyr, and is wonderfully soft and light, softer and with a smoother drape than the Alpaca Cloud that I used for the original. She used a yummy soft purple color.

My skill with a camera doesn't do her skill with yarn and needles justice. She's a real lace knitting guru. Many thanks, Ellen, for your generosity with your time, enthusiasm and knowledge! (and the fichu will be on it's way back to you soon, I just have to pet it a few more times before I pack it up).

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