Thursday, August 24, 2006

I wish I could remember which comedian said this (Bill Maher?), "Women have internet porn. It's called eBay."

That may go some way toward explaining why I have 50-75 balls of eyelash yarn (I haven't taken an exact count lately). What was I thinking?

Of course it isn't just eBay. The sock yarn came from Elann and Smileys and Double Diamond Knits and another online yarn shop somewhere on the west coast of Canada (the exchange rate was good in those days.)

Here's one I bet Martha Stewart hasn't thought of yet: Buy a three drawer plastic bin. Fill it with sock yarn. Voila! You have a fantasic/unique stand for your computer printer.

The really sad part is, there is more in the closet.

It may be that the biggest benefit of selling on eBay is that it diverts my attention from buying.

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