Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Mitten Knittin'

I've started another pair, in worsted weight this time, using another motif from Estonian Mittens Around the World. The sample in the book has a red background, with the pattern stitches all in white, and very handsome it is. But since the motif looks like a little flower, I thought I would try green for the foliage and blues for the blossoms.

The book sample has one more vertical repeat, though no more horizontal repeats. They must be knit at a tighter gauge and also somewhat more closely fitted around the hand. The notes only mention that they are made of "rather thick" yarn and are 56 stitches around.

I was proud of myself for managing to get the pattern centered, because it is has seven horizontal repeats of the motif. Harder to center an odd number than an even one. At the top I used mitered double decreases (sl 2 tog kwise, k1, pssso), which give a similar effect to the genuine Estonian type, but are easier for me to do.

Now to knit the second one. And then the thumbs, which this time I will attempt in pattern.


YarnThrower said...

Very cute! (I was wondering why you weren't showing the thumb...until I got to the very end or your post...) I love the way you changed up the color -- a nice bright spot for your hands in the cold and snowy winter...

MollyBeees said...

So beautiful!

Paapua said...

Glad you got the books about Estonian mittens. And the flower mitten is beautiful! Never tried to knit one like that myself, but would love to. Only that I live in a country now where I'll never ever need mittens, sadly!

(the Estonian)

jeni said...

Gorgeous! Still mitten-worthy weather over here.