Thursday, January 06, 2011

Getting back on the Horse that Threw You

The reason I needed to rip back that buttonhole band is that between the binding off and the casting on and the slipping and the wrapping and the passing stitches over; I ending up with the wrong stitch count (and the placement of one hole a stitch off, to boot). I thought that I could fudge it with some decreases/increases on the return row. If I had been working in garter I probably could have gotten away with it. But seed stitch is deceptively simple. Disturb it's perfect regularity and it screams "mistake".

So today I took a deep breath, slowly picked back, and re-did the button band. I'm thinking I should have done those holes one row later. Sigh! I'm going to have to think about this.


YarnThrower said...

So...once you are wearing the sweater and the buttons are *pulling* on the buttonholes a little bit, perhaps, it will resolve itself? At least that's what I always tell myself right before I start ripping something out... Well, on the bright side, you have recent learning (experience) regarding the whole "ripping out one-row buttonholes on a seed stitch background" thing... I know -- not funny :-(

MollyBeees said...

Back away from the's perfect, just the way it is!