Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Honestly Not Sure What to Make of This

For Real? Not For Real? Why does the cat stay in the tree? Why doesn't the man take the cat out of the tree?

If it is for real, there is something goofily endearing about his whole enterprise.
ETA: after a bit more research, it appears to be very real indeed. From the Wisconsin State Journal.


Annie Pazoo said...

I know, so funny right? The cat will not come down from the tree? Just checked my reader feedduring lunch, and thus one made me lol.

Jeanne B. said...

Well, gee, he can touch it and pet it. What is stopping him from grabbing it, stuffing it in a cat carrier, and bringing it inside for a nice, cushy life? (Didn't he say at the end, he wanted to see how long the cat would stay up there?)

I wonder, and maybe I do not want to know, where the cat does its business.

Hey, if they need a cat-grabber, I'm an expert. Just sayin'.

Cindy G said...

The more I think about it, the more endearing the whole situation seems to me. For one thing, meat loaf and salami is just such a Wisconsin guy kind of thing to feed a cat in a tree. There's a certain Lake Woebegone-esqueness to it all.

I'm suspecting that come spring thoughts of romance may bring kitty down the tree.