Monday, August 02, 2010

Out of Touch

is what I'll be, online anyway, come Wednesday, at least if it doesn't rain. That's when the crew is scheduled to come replace the upstairs (and two downstairs) windows. (Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain - we've already had the scheduled date pushed back once due to other factors.)

I've been busy clearing paths to the windows. In my workroom, I moved everything from this corner.....

to this corner.

Plus I hauled some items down to the dining room. (Also finally sent a couple of bags of fun fur to the thrift store, and some oddballs in colors I can't convince myself to like, along with a few, very few, books that I really, truly won't ever use or refer to again. No I won't. Get those books out of here.) I also removed some considerably large dust bunnies.

I've taken down most of the curtains (still need a little privacy for the next couple of nights), and started to pull furniture away from the walls.

The rest will have to wait until tomorrow to be re-located, including the desk in the "study", which will have to be pulled pretty much directly in front of and up against the computer table, because the study is a very small room indeed. The chair will be rolled into the attic. Access to the keyboard will involved contortions after that.


kmkat said...

Hie thyself to the nearest Apple store (or WalMart) and pick up an iTouch or iPad. Wireless internet.

You can thank me later ;-)

(Oh, and I am thinking dry thoughts for you for the next couple days.)

junior_goddess said...

It will all be worth it.

YarnThrower said...

That certainly looks like a huge job... I hope you love those new windows, though I'm confident you will...