Sunday, August 01, 2010

Not Going Anywhere

One of the techniques I tried out at Knitting Camp was Armenian Knitting. It's a way of working large or isolated motifs in stranded knitting, an appealing thought as I am not fond of intarsia. Basically it just boils down to stranding across large spaces and weaving in the floats every 3-4 stitches as you go. I have done weaving in before, so the physical maneuver wasn't hard for me. But I found it rather tedious. And there is show through of the woven yarn that can, with proper color choices, be treated as a design element giving a tweedy effect to the color blocks. But I don't particularly care for it myself.

I started in on a hat as a practice piece,

but already there are too many things wrong with it (too big, rolled edge rolling up over lower part of pattern, some mis-readings of the chart). So I'll be ripping it out.

The yarn I picked up for it is interesting - unspun Icelandic roving. It can be pulled apart with a touch, but didn't break as much as I feared in the actual knitting. (I think I had only one incident.) Not sure what I will do with it now - maybe some mittens in regular stranded technique.

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