Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Escape Artists

Speaking of cats, the boys gave us a bit a a scare last night.

Before going to bed, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen either one in over an hour. Checked the garage (they sometimes slip by when we take out trash) - nope. Called. Checked closets, cupboards, other regular hiding/sleeping spots. No cats. Mr S went down to the basement. Oh no! Open (unscreened) window.

Mr S was in the yard, clinking their food dish, before I could get my robe on. Fortunately, they hadn't gone far. Merlin appeared first - easier to spot a basically white cat in the dark than a grey tabby. Mr S snagged him and hustled him into the house. Back out to call and clink for Bob, who could be heard mewing, but not seen. Following the sound, it turned out that he had gotten into the chicken wire fence around the bean patch, but couldn't manage to get out. He didn't seem too happy to be rescued, or perhaps was sort of generally freaked out, and struggled all the way to the door. But once inside both of them were happy enough to have their second dinner of the good (canned) food.

Chances are they would have survived a night outdoors if it had come to that. I'm really glad it didn't.


magnusmog said...

Oh no, what a panic!

YarnThrower said...

Scary! Glad that you found them and all is well!