Thursday, August 05, 2010

Back on Track

The window installation went amazingly smoothly. Huge improvement. We'll see if they hold up/perform over time as well as the salesman claimed, but for now they seem like a dream.

The house is 80 % back in order (and cleaner than before, because even I, the Queen of Deferred Housekeeping, am not going to rehang dirty curtains or push a shelf with 1/4 inch of cobwebs on the backside up against the wall without a wipe down.) The living room drapes did go up in awful condition. I would have rather thrown them out (and believe me, they are in such terrible shape that throwing them away is the only viable option). But we need some privacy until I can get to J.C. Penny to scope out replacements. One thing always does lead to another.

Though this looks like a bit of a jumble, it is much more orderly than before. The 20% of stuff that is not back in place needs to be either organized, put in storage or disposed of. (Come to think of it, some of the stuff that is back in place could stand weeding out.) It will take me a little time to get through that.


Anonymous said...

prayer flags; they hand in my kitchen, small ones; 2x2 but the effect is the same.



Elizabeth said...

We had all the windows replaced on our old house about 12 years ago. Even though we were not as stuffed to the gills yet, at that point, it was still an ordeal.

But the windows were always worth it.

magnusmog said...

Happy new windows:)