Monday, December 14, 2009

Cutest Ornament Ever!

This teeny, teeny pair of mittens came in a Christmas card from the inimitable Molly Bee. They are so cute, and so amazing. Thank you, thank you! I feel honored to have them.

They are now on the tree, which went up this weekend.

Well, it went up, and then came down (Thank you Merlin), but at least it came down before anything was on it.

We decided it would be wise to only use unbreakable ornaments this year. The cats are still under close supervision. I don't know. We may be making them neurotic. Why would anyone bring in a great big (interesting smelling) bush, hang fascinating new cat toys all over it, and then sit guard with water spray bottles? It's perverse. Guess they'll have a lot to tell their therapists later in life.
Really, I wouldn't mind them batting a few ornaments around - it's the potential for climbing and tipping the whole thing over again that has us on guard. If there were a reasonable way to wire it in place, we would. But that's not a feasible option.


smariek said...

There's so much in common between cats and young kids.

YarnThrower said...

When we first moved into our house, there was one of those hooks for hanging lamps from the ceiling mounting in the ceiling about three feet directly in front of our fireplace in the living room. Nothing hanging from it -- just a hook. I ran into the prior owner at some point and asked him what that hook was used for, because of it's odd location in front of the fireplace. When they lived here, they used to put their Christmas directly under where that hook was and then tie the top of the tree to that hook, so that their cat didn't knock over the tree. Once I knew that, I went home and removed that hook, because 1.) we are not going to put a Christmas tree directly in front of the fireplace, and 2.) we do not have cats...though when my kids were younger (and even now, the way they throw stuff around), it probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to stabilize the tree that way...

Good luck at your house!!

magnusmog said...

I can understand your anxiety but what a great cat toy!

Anonymous said...

One cat that we had loved to climb the tree. My husband grew up with cats so he knew exactly what to do. The tree was placed in front of a window and was tied to the curtain rod with fishing line. Worked like a charm.
Pat Ortiz