Monday, June 15, 2009

Over the Weekend

On Saturday, I came home crabby from work. Why will people come in ten minutes before closing and expect to use the computers until two minutes after closing and then have questions about reference materials, or want to use the copy machine? I'm afraid I was rather rude. In my defense, these were people who do this kind of thing frequently.

But after I got home I calmed down and finished the headband to go along with the handwarmers.

Yesterday the Argyle Fiber Mill had a "knit in". Kristie had kitted up materials to make scarves for the Madison VA hospital. This is your basic knit lengthwise garter stitch scarf. It should give me some good conversational/TV watching knitting for a while.

It's amazing how tricky it is to cast on 175 sts in the midst of a happily chatting group, even with markers every 25 sts. Good thing one stitch over or under isn't going to make a real difference. Just sayin'.

Only minutes before I left for Argyle, some folks we knew from California called from a RV campground north of Madison, a complete surprise. So we invited them down for a cookout. Mr S, bless him, did all the arranging while I was off knitting. It was a treat to see Bob and Ginny, and their daughter Deb. (A little scary to see pictures of her twins, who are now 16, because I can remember her when she was 16). And I was really touched that Ginny brought along one of her knitting projects to show me. She knit this

for one of her granddaughters. I'm kicking myself now that I didn't take a picture of her version, but she's promised to send one of her granddaughter wearing it.


junior_goddess said...

How nice to meet old friends.

smariek said...

I've been known to cast on stitches and be off, even after counting. So I'm now in the habit of counting at least twice before I start knitting the first row.