Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mood Indigo

One of my indulgences at Maryland Sheep & Wool was a hank of hand painted fingering weight from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. It's a wonderful range of denim blues. I'm using it to knit up a second version of the socks I recently did in greens/turquoise (pattern tentatively titled "Trout Stream" at this point.)

The yarn ("Alexandra" in colorway "Blue Jeans") is lovely to work with. It's a superwash 100% merino with a fair amount of twist - enough to keep it from being splitty and to give it a nice bounce. Usually I want some nylon in my sock yarn, for durability, but this color just called out to me. It's a tad darker than the picture shows on my monitor, and some of the more subtle shadings don't show up in the pic. Very soothing to comtemplate as I work along. I am just a little bit worried that I won't have enough to fit my big feet, only 382 yards total. I guess this is one of those occasions when it would have been smarter to work toe up.

I have tweaked the pattern stitches on the heel flap and the instep, just a little bit, and I'm glad I did. I liked the first version, but I like this better.


MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! That stuff is gorgeous! Great with jeans!

smariek said...

I think I like the blue one more than the green one, it's such a gorgeous color!

How do 100% wool (or rather, no nylon content) socks wear over time? I did pick up some nylon-free sock yarn, but am afraid to use it for socks. I wouldn't want to spend 30 hrs on a pair of socks, only to end up with holes in them after a few wearings.

YarnThrower said...

I had to chuckle a little bit when you mentioned your concern about running out of yarn, because you know I was thinking "toe up," and then I read your next line, and I see you were, too. :-)

junior_goddess said...

That color is just gorgeous.

I wanted to ask you about the blister pattern-does it roll much? I've been thinking about that stitch a lot.

Kitty Mommy said...

Just love the color! Gorgeous!!