Sunday, February 15, 2009

On to the Linen Closet

I've been sort of sliding on my stuff elimination resolution/goal. But today I tackled the linen closet (#16).

"Linen Closet" is sort of an honorary title. First off, nothing in it is actually made of linen. And secondly, "household linens" only occupy a small part of it.

The top shelf (half width) had a couple of hats: one a felt bowler and one Panama sun hat, some vintage hand knits, a "Christmas Sweater" with sequined Poinsettia. The Christmas sweater is now history. So, more reluctantly, is the Panama hat. It was a gift from a special person. But it flew off my head in the slightest breeze, so I never ended up wearing it.

Next shelf down held a jumble of sweaters and shawls. Mostly this one just needed straightening, but I did eliminate a couple lighter weight turtleneck sweaters and one wide scarf/shawl. I also found a wool pullover that I like and had completely forgotten - and in time to get some wear out of it yet this winter.

Third from the top: bed linens and socks (yes, I have too many socks to fit in my sock drawer. So?) Also spare soap, toothpaste, etc. I'm sending off two sets of sheets that fit a bed that used to be in this house. Also ditched a pair of knee high socks that had felted too much to fit. Also a pair of cotton socks that were too tight from the get-go.

Fourth shelf: towels and washcloths. Only one wrong color towel leaving, but I did tidy them up.

On the floor an assortment of cleaning supplies mutely but reproachfully reminds me that the best way to get rid of them is to actually use them. Um, yeah. Maybe tomorrow.


junior_goddess said...

Yay! Now you can screw off with impunity!

magnusmog said...

I used to have a fly-away hat - I now tie it on to my head with a bit of string. Archie won't let me wear it anywhere other than the garden!

Leslie said...

Last summer I got rid of my original red hat - which I had before I ever heard of Red Hat Ladies. Now I still have to get rid of 3 hatboxes full of Red Hat Lady red hats... Maybe next weekend I'll take a trip to the Free Store. You just keep reminding me, ok?

YarnThrower said...

Ahem, yes, **use** the cleaning supplies...whatever that looks like. I feel that it is important to maintain enough germs in the bathroom so that my kids develop immunities to that's my strategy these days...