Saturday, February 21, 2009

I think I should just take my sleeping bag

I feel as if I've spent more time this week at the Village Hall than at home.

Monday night: work at the library. Tuesday: election. Wednesday night: attend Public Works Committee meeting. Thursday: work at the library. Friday: work on a Woman's Club project using space in the village office (and their copier). This morning: work at the library.

Today was the only day that involved tromping through snow to get to the door.

While digging through closets I came across a skein of Lion Brand Homespun. So I'm using it up on a garter stitch scarf for the service project. And I'm almost half way up the back on the purple vest.
The back of the vest is, quite frankly, a little boring to work. So it's not going too fast. The scarf is mindless enough that I can work on it while talking or watching TV. The pattern stitch on the vest requires just enough attention that I can't, even though it is rather numbingly repetitive in it's own way. Oh well, I'll get to the armhole shaping soon. That should liven things up.


junior_goddess said...

Yay. She's so disciplined, working on boring purple!


Annie Pazoo said...

I didn't realize the library was in the Village Hall - I always thought it was in a house up the street from you.

The snow looks so lovely and quiet. (Not as quiet, I imagine, as watching it from inside the quiet of your own home however).


smariek said...

Is Village Hall the same thing as saying City Hall? I guess so. Interesting that you have that, the library, and the police station all together in one building.

Ugh, you've reminded me that I have 2 skeins of LB Homespun from Nov/Dec 2004 when I started knitting. Made one scarf with it and decided I did not like the yarn.

I seem to be a yarn hoarder rather than a knitter. If the yarn is yucky, it just sits around cuz I don't want to use it. If the yarn is nice, then I want to wait for that one "special" project before I use it ... which means I don't get to knit with it.

magnusmog said...

it still looks very chilly with you - I think a scarf is the right idea:)