Monday, February 16, 2009

Another kitchen towel

This time I decided to knit a topper separately and sew it on. I think the results are much neater this way.

This was completely improvised on the needles. In a nutshell: started with 12 sts, worked a couple of rows of garter, made a button hole, couple more rows garter; switched to double knitting for several inches to make the narrow strap; divided onto 4 dpns and worked in the round increasing 4 sts every other row until it seemed wide enough; worked a couple rounds even in stockinette, then 2 ridges of garter and bound off.

Sister Annie P has a knack for finding interesting art, and I love seeing what she finds. So excuse me, I have to go follow up on the links she has here.

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junior_goddess said...

I earned $$ crocheting those in high school.