Friday, August 08, 2008

Thank You

to Firefly Nights (isn't that a lovely blog title), for the Brilliant Weblog Award. How nice of you to think of me!

Now I'm supposed to pass this along, but I think that instead of "tagging" people, I'm just going to mention a few blogs that aren't on my everyday list (the days aren't long enough for everything I want to read), but I keep them bookmarked because they are really worthwhile.

There's Dale-Harriet at Cats, Sticks and Books already familiar to many, but in case you haven't made her acquaintance, I recommend it. She's the one dressed in a hoop skirt, over there, knitting on a toque while draped with a cat or two. Eclectic and enthusiastic.

I first went to Katherine Misegades' Knitting, Writing and Other Joys for the good sock info. I go back for the great quotations she uses at the head of each of her posts (and her own good writing).

Golden Apples Name "of Troy", so is it Helen? She's a prolific and very knowledgeable knitter, with other fiber crafts to boot, who documents her projects thoroughly, helpfully including not only what she did, but why she chose to do it that way.

Techknitter is on summer hiatus as far as new postings are concerned, but her archives are so rich with knitting tips, tricks and sound technical advice that I haven't come anywhere near to exhausting them. If you've ever wondered why stockinette curls and garter doesn't, Techknitter explains it all. She's also particularly good on finishing tips.

Sorry no pictures today (how dull). But there are some lovely ones at Hedges Hobbykrok.

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YarnThrower said...

Thanks for the tips regarding the blogs! I'm definitely going to check out the techknitter site...