Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Pretty Ponies

Not the four legged kind, I'm afraid.

I'm using some of my Pony Pearl double pointed needles. I really like them. They are very light, warm to the touch, and smooth without being slippery-slick. And they come in such pretty colors.

The points are not especially sharp, so if I'm using particularly splitty yarn, or have a pattern with a lots of tight k2togs, I'll reach for the Crystal Palace bamboos. Because of the points, I suppose Pony Pearls might not be the best choice for a tight knitter. But since I knit loosely, and most of the time I'm not using splitty yarn, they work very well for me. Did I mention the pretty colors? Each size has it's own, which, I suppose, might be handy if I ever got several sets mixed up together - fast sorting and all. That situation has never actually come up. I just like looking at them, and I like the way they feel in my hands.


YarnThrower said...

I often must remind myself that it's okay to really, really like something for reasons that don't seem to be entirely "noble." (The color of the needles, for example, has little to do with functionality, though can lift one's spirits and change the whole experience of using the needles...) (I feel a similar way about a set of plain dpn's I have which are made out of wood by a company in real rational for loving them, but I just think they are really cool...)

Bonnie said...

I hope your Pony Pearls hold up better than mine did. A couple of years ago, I bought three sets - the blue, turquoise, and yellow. For a few pairs of socks, I just loved them. But now, sadly, I have moved on to other sock needles, because I had such problems with the Pony Pearls. At first, they seemed like dream sock needles. Nice tips, smooth surfaces. But then, the tips developed rough spots or minute cracks that snagged the yarn. Some tips broke off, some needles snapped. And I am a loose knitter! If it had been one set, I would have chalked it up to a bad batch, but these things happened with three different sets. :-(

Good luck with yours! I agree, they come in very pretty colors, and they feel good in one's hands.

Cindy G said...

Oh, that's a little disheartening. I've had the 0's for a while, and so far they are holding up well, but the larger sizes are newer.

Anyone else have a longer term experience with these?