Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Who really needs a Handwarmer to pick peonies?

Well, no one, actually. It's just that this is the only new knitting I've accomplished in the last couple of days (it took quite a lot of mucking around before I found a stitch combination that worked the way I wanted - there are a couple of discarded first attempts in the knitting bag.) Doesn't feel like I've accomplished much with my week so far.

I do have to remind myself that I did get patterns printed and priced and organized into a binder for the Lambs and Lettuce festival. And dug out the sample garments and got them labeled. And found some spare needles and bits of yarn (in case anyone wants to try a hand at knitting), and then cast on 10 stitches and knit a few rows because I am not going to try to teach someone to cast on right off the top. And got things loaded as neatly as possible into two bags. All that took longer than you might think.

And I worked on designing some ads for Ravelry, which took a lot of time because I am fairly inept at working with graphics on the computer. And not a graphic designer.

And I pulled a few weeds. Funny how "I'll just pull a couple" turns into two hours.

Still, I keep wondering how it got to be Wednesday already.


magnusmog said...

Have fun at the festival. Thanks for asking after the boy. He's fine now, stumpy but fine:)

CatBookMom said...

Oh, peonies! I miss peonies, and you 'just happened' to have a mitt with deep pink in it to hold next to the peony!

I hope you have a lot of fun and make some good sales at the festival. I'm putting my Hudson River scarf into my traveling stuff for my Vancouver trip the end of next week. It should be good traveling work. I notice it's in a couple of dozen queues already, ;D

Elizabeth said...

Cute mitt. It will cheer up a cold winter day!

If you want help with your Rav Ads let me know.

SSK* said...

I can so relate to pulling weeds... I can't walk across the yard without stopping to pull "just a few", then I get aggravated when the whole root doesn't come out.

As for your glove, I spent the last couple of days frogging a heel, but now it's right. It's been a frustrating week for knitting for more than just you.

Knit on! Joan

Anonymous said...

All the effort was worth it, though--the mitt is beautiful!