Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well Armed

This is one of my favorite birthday gifts, from my Mom. It's a very strong, narrow weeder, with a serrated edge that can cut through turf like butter. It works like a charm and I love it. Plus it just makes me feel tough. When I 'm packing that baby in it's leather sheath slung from my hip I feel seriously armed. Watch out dandelions.

Tradescantia a/k/a Spiderwort

More peonies. Poor things are just flattened to the ground after the recent storms - but that does give me a good excuse to cut some and bring them in the house.

Solid color version of the handwarmers. This is yarn from Rainbow Fleece farm, a gorgeous color (slightly more lavender than it appears on my screen), though not the world's softest. Will need to get them sewn up and washed before passing final verdict, though.


Kitty Mommy said...

Ahem...remind me not to tick you off when you're armed and dangerous!

YarnThrower said...

Any number of horror flicks about mild-mannered people wielding large knives come to mind when reading this post. Nothing like the right tool for the job, however!

MollyBeees said...

Pretty, pretty lavendar yarn! I have some turf that needs cutting when you get a chance!

TracyKM said...

I love peonies, but have yet to get one for my garden! We tried this year but didn't like any of the colours. Yours are very pretty!