Monday, June 16, 2008

47th Annual

Yesterday was the 47th Annual Blanchardville Father's Day Chicken BBQ. Given that we've had torrential rains almost every day for the last couple of weeks there was some concern about the weather. But the day was beautiful.

Mr S and I had signed up to work the serving line from 10:30 to 12:30, so we strolled over to the park about 10:10.

The pit crew had been busy since the wee hours of the morning. They had 1500 chicken halves to grill. When the chicken is done it's loaded into those (very clean) garbage cans and hauled over to the serving area.

Just starting to get the tables set up. The boxes of baked potatos were starting to arrive - different women in town bake them at home, wrap them in foil and send them over still hot. (Then some of the same gals show up to work the line).

The lower park was still sodden, which meant the interdenominational church service had to be moved back into one of the churches, and the afternoon Home Talent League ball game was moved to the next town over.

By 10:20 the serving lines were starting to get organized. That's Mr S on the right chatting with the school librarian. This was the first year that we had official tee shirts. Back in the kitchen, cole slaw is being poured into bowls, and the cheese trays are appearing. The crew at work down at the Legion Hall has been slicing French bread and re-bagging it. The bags are now stashed in boxes under the serving table. Milk cartons have been loaded into coolers at the end of the serving lines. Ice cream cups have been loaded into the little chest freezer. Just about ready to roll.

By 10;30, I was a bit concerned, because there was hardly a line, and some years it's out to the street when serving begins. But by 11:00 all was well. Full picnic tables and lots of carry outs.

I was too busy dishing out bread and cheese to get a picture when the Iowa, Lafayette and Green County Dairy Queens showed up, one of them in a full floor length formal. Habitat for Humanity had a display, and I was really pleased to hear that they were getting a good number of donations. Rick Fredrickson was providing his "song stylings". Lots of little kids running around and playing on the playground equipment. All in all, a good energy community morning.

But the best part was when I felt an arm around my waist, looked up, and it was Lovely Daughter, making a surprise Father's Day visit. Mr S was pleased beyond measure. We wrapped up our shift, grabbed our chicken dinners and ate looking out over the soggy ball field. Good food, better company, couldn't ask for a nicer day.


Leslie said...

It's the ones like that you remember in a glow when you're 88. May there be quite a few more in your memory banks.

magnusmog said...

How nice of the Lovely Daughter to surprise you :)

Grace Yaskovic said...

sounds like a delightful day, good for you all!!!