Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vaction Knitting

I've been so busy with the swatching marathon, that up until today I've hardly thought about the fact that we are leaving for vacation on Wednesday. But this morning I packed up the submission package, ready to go in the mail first thing tomorrow, and my thoughts are turning to trip preparation and packing.

Of course, the really important question is: "What will I bring for knitting?"

I will need something that can be done amid conversation, even chaos. We'll spend much of the time in company with two extended families that include kids ranging from seven to sixteen, plus at least a couple of seriously goofy adults. The second Hudson River fits the bill.

Soothing, not too much counting, not too much thinking...but a little large to take on the airplane. And I do need airplane knitting, to help me ignore the fact that I'm on an airplane.

So I went stash diving, and found some nice pink yarn for a new pair of summer socks.

This is a "Fixation" clone that Elann used to sell before they began offering their own "Esprit." It's your basic sport weight cotton/elastic blend. The cuff won't be much longer than you see in the picture - summertime, after all. It's a little lace pattern called "Snowdrop" (at least in the old Harmony stitch collection.) Should have myself new socks by the time we get home.


magnusmog said...

Have a wonderful time - I'm hoping to go camping this week and I have the sock yarn already looked out !

YarnThrower said...

I crack up whenever you write that you went "stash diving." I've seen the Fixation yarn before, and been tempted to purchase it a couple of times, though never have. I'll be interested in your thoughts about how you like it...though it's possible you already gave your thoughts on it and I spaced it...

smariek said...

I can't wait to see your new socks.