Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Test Knitter "Thank You", plus some odds and ends

Hugs and appreciation to Caitlin, who proofread and test knitted the Just Spring socks pattern. She quickly and tactfully: caught an omission, spotted typos, suggested clarifications and overall helped me whip it into shape. It has been a total pleasure working with her.

I finished the first pair of Soaring Eagles Project mittens today. They looked a little dull right off the needles (the color is darker and grayer than it appears in the picture). So I added a little bit of embroidery on the thumb. A second pair is now underway.

Knit in Plymouth Encore DK

On Friday afternoon, I called the wonderful Penzeys Spices to place an order. Usually I would just order online, but I had a question about a particular item, and a somewhat out of the normal delivery request for a gift, so I phoned. What a treat. My call was answered almost instantly with no voice mail run around, no time on hold. It was so nice to talk to a customer service rep who was just across the state (instead of half way around the world). She was extremely helpful, took her time to get everything right, friendly... I actually enjoyed the transaction. To top it off, the portion of the order that was coming directly to me arrived the next morning (!). Granted, it only had to come from Milwaukee, but still, less than 24 hours. Woot.


YarnThrower said...

I LOVE Penzeys! When I need to, I stop at their store on the way into town, and they have excellent customer service there, too!

magnusmog said...

Yarn stores with good customer service are lovely - and very dangerous :)

Cindy G said...

Yes, helpful LYS employees can be dangerous, sort of like mermaids luring unsuspecting sailors onto the rocks.