Friday, December 07, 2007

Question 7

Otherwise known as installment Two of the Christmas Meme

#7. Do you have a nativity scene? Well, yes, we have almost two.

When I was little my parents didn't have any interest in setting up a manger scene, but I really, really wanted one. In those days you could go to the Ben Franklin and buy individual painted plaster pieces from little bins, which I did, a few at a time.

Shortly after we were married, Mr S made me a wooden stable to house the group. We used it through a number of Christmases. But eventually Mary's head broke off, probably during one move or another, and I've never been able to find a replacement. If it had only been Joseph, I might have subbed in a shepherd or something. (Sorry Joseph, but everyone knows you're not the real Dad. Deal with it).

Mary, on the other hand... well a manger scene without Mary doesn't cut it. No way, no how. So these days we put out a set that Mr S's mother made in ceramics class. It's more elegant, all white with a smooth high glaze. It's very pretty, really. And it has associations of its own. But I miss my childhood painted plaster. All the other figures are still in their box, just in case, it could happen, you know, the right Mary showing up after all these years.

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