Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are We Having Fun Yet? Oh Yes We Are!

I just discovered Picnik. Oooh Boy, play with your photos. Make your cat look silly. Disguise your DH. Embarrass your children online (the possibilities are at least as promising as singing aloud at the mall.....) I love it!

Actually, it's a nice very user friendly basic photo editing tool, with some fun wingdings thrown in. And its free!

Don't run over me now on your way out the door.

Anyone left? OK, here's day 12 of the CM

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?

Can't limit it to one. We have several on the absolutely must see list: "White Christmas", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Christmas Story", the George C. Scott Version of "A Christmas Carol", the "Charlie Brown Christmas Special". Then Mr S also makes sure to work in "Rudolph" and "Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol "(he knows words and music to every song in by heart.)

One of my personal favorites isn't a movie, it's an audio recording of "A Child's Christmas in Wales." We do have a video version (BBC, I think). But I like just listening best.


Elizabeth said...

Love the angel picture. Really cool.

Cindy G said...