Monday, May 21, 2007

Dreaming of Mousies

Dreaming of Mousies
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This is an old photo, included as my first attempt to use Flickr. I finally set up an account because I discovered the Selbuvotter group , which has many beautiful pictures, and also a good discussion of where to find patterns for knitting Norwegian mittens (free and otherwise). I'm still new enough with Flicker that I'm not sure whether you have to join the group to see the discussion, but I do know that anyone can join. It's administered by Strikkelise. Her blog, Norway Needles, is in English, and has lovely photos - the current entry has Bunads on Syttende Mai. (and if you don't know what that means, you've never been in Stoughton, WI).


kmkat tagged me to list eight random things about myself. These are really random.

  1. I can't drive and talk at the same time, at least not in traffic. Sometimes I can't listen to the radio and drive at the same time.
  2. One of my knitting student's father did typewriter repair for Lenin's daughter. I know, just a "six degrees" thing, but it kind of blew my mind.
  3. Mr. S and I met in theological school in Berkely, CA. We are both Masters of Divinity. (Ain't that a grand sounding degree?)
  4. I was born in an army camp, delivered by a doctor that my father (when he finally rounded him up) was sure was drunk. Bleary eyed, unshaven, turns out he had been up delivering babies for about 36 hours straight. (they didn't call it the baby boom for nothing.) The "camp" has since been promoted to a "fort", so the place listed on my birth certificate technically doesn't exist.
  5. I took ballet lessons on and off for about 14 years, but really never got past Beginner II. The flat feet didn't help.
  6. I like sweet/sour combinations: lemon curd, rhubarb pie. And I love the combination of chocolate and orange (also chocolate and raspberry, chocolate and marzipan, chocolate and coconut.....)
  7. When I was in fifth or sixth grade our pet cat went missing for a number of weeks. One day when I was out at recesses I saw her (the school was about 8 blocks from our house). I grabbed her and convinced someone in the office to call my Mom for me. Mom didn't believe it was really Miss Titi, but I was so persistent that she finally gave up and agreed to bring the car over. And it was our cat. And I rode home with the cat on my lap. I'm sort of amazed at myself in retrospect. I'm not assertive now and was even less so then.
  8. I've eaten lutefisk once in my life, and that was enough. Though I'm told that perhaps my Mom didn't actually know how to prepare it properly, and I do believe that she only made it that once in her entire life, and maybe there was a reason for that.

Whew.... that's eight. I think I'm supposed to tag more people, but I always was the one who broke the chain letter...... The first one to call me a party pooper gets tagged.


Strikkelise said...

I'm flattered that the Selbuvotter pool led you to join the fun at Flickr. This in turn led me to your blog, and I am stunned to see your patterns! That Progressive shawl must be a (very) long term goal for me.

kmkat said...

Thanks for playing along. Don't worry about not tagging anyone else -- I think pretty much every knitblogger on the planet has been tagged by now :-)

Cindy G said...

Thanks strikkelise, I love playing around with lace. And I really was excited to find all of those gorgeous pictures.

Actually, kmkat, it was really fun, and I'm glad you tagged me. I was just blogging too late at night to start checking on folks to see who was still free. Lazy, wimpy excuse, but that's it.

magnusmog said...

Spooky - we both have catnapping stories in our random facts. Magnus was taken in by someone in our village who thought he was a missing female cat (the indignity ) and much confusion and police intervention later we got him back. It took nearly a month though and I was very glad to see him :)