Friday, May 25, 2007

Proof that the rains came

Peonies outside

Peonies inside

I love those tight, hard, almost perfectly spherical buds. How can such an enormous explosion of petals burst out of them overnight? I love the extravagence of the flowers. I love the scent, which is heavy, almost-but not exactly-rose.

So despite their attractiveness to ants, and despite the flowers' predilection to shatter and drop those huge masses of petals in a heap on the table, I'll be bringing these in as long as the all too brief season lasts.


Elizabeth said...

Our peonies aren't quite there yet. But they are wonderful when they're around!

Angie said...

I love to bring the peonies inside, too. The ants are a challenge but worth it. Your arrangement is lovely.

Cindy G said...

**G** thank you, my arrangements always consist of dropping things into a vase - sometimes they are more balanced than others... But with flowers this great it's hard to miss.

Elizabeth, hope to see you tomorrow!