Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where in the World is My State Senator?

Wisconsin is going through a challenging time, and I wanted to phone my State Senator to let him know where I stand on some of the current issues. After several (more than 10, more than 20) attempts it became clear that he had shut down his office phones, or rather, let the voicemail fill up and had his staff stop answering. So not only could you not speak to anyone in the office, you could not even leave a message. Pretty sneaky. He'll be able to claim, if he likes, that his constituents weren't that concerned - that he didn't really hear from that many of them. Nice example of representative government, huh?

The last email I tried to send bounced back. So last night I typed up a letter and this morning I'll put it in the snail mail. Though at this point I wouldn't be surprised if his staff is just tossing constituent letters into the trash unopened.

Wisconsin Senator Dale Schultz: I think this is a pretty shabby way to treat the people you are supposed to serve.


Anonymous said...

I take Mr. Schulz is a Repub?

jeni said...

that sort of behavious doesn't fit my defination of democracy. Keep persevering!