Sunday, February 20, 2011

An article that gets the facts straight

From AlterNet


If anyone still has any doubt about the true motivation for Gov. Walker's "budget reform" bill, I refer you to that radical left-wing publication, Forbes.


Let's be perfectly clear, this is not about balancing the budget. That could be done with the concessions that WEAC and AFSCME have already offered to the Governor in exchange for retaining collective bargaining rights. He has refused to even consider this.

Also keep in mind that this discussion is not around the Governor's proposed budget package. He has not proposed one yet. This is just an attempt to clear the way for whatever it is that he does intend to propose. Not details have been released. In fact when "The Bill" did not pass last week, he pushed back the date for presenting his budget. It's all been quite secretive, though the figure of a $500 per child reduction in funding for local schools has been thrown out as in the mix.

If his plan at this point is to (among other things) force significant staff layoffs in larger districts and push smaller districts into bankruptcy, he looks to be right on track for achieving his goals.

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