Saturday, February 19, 2011

If The Weather Reports are Right

we won't be seeing this for a while after tonight.

Snow and (ugh!) freezing rain on their way.

Quiet day for me today: work at the library in the morning and spent the afternoon pretty much following the action in Madison online. (Jealous of Mr. S., he left early this morning and is only now on his way home).

From all I can gather, the counter protest by the Tea Party was relatively small (left before their stated ending time of 3:00), and while there were a few verbal disputes between the two groups, nothing serious. The national television news folks (especially FOX) will probably try to spin this as some major clash of equal opposing forces. It was not.*

Apparently one pro-Walker sign said "I'm here on the weekend because I went to work on Friday." Of course, the same thing is true of my teacher spouse. And I wanted to tell him "I was there on Friday because I went to work today. Same thing for the firefighter standing next to me." I honestly don't think these people know who fought to get them a weekend. It sure wasn't the corporations.

*At around 3:30 a reporter from News3 in Madison tweeted that official estimates say at the height of the event there were around 3.500 pro-Walker (Tea Party) folks were there, and 55,000-60,000 protesters. Which means that definitely more protesters were involved in total, because I know from my two experiences so far people come and go during the day and evening if they cannot be there the whole time.

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