Sunday, June 27, 2010


I completely forgot about Last Saturday Knitting yesterday. I hate it when that happens.

I wouldn't have been able to go anyway, but at least I would have known what I was missing. There were a couple of reasons i needed to stay at home. 1) Dear daughter came down for a visit (though she would have re-scheduled had I asked) and 2) Pete the Home Depot Window Guy came to give me his sales presentation, and an estimate; and to take my order, and my deposit. I didn't really need the sales pitch. I already pretty much knew what I wanted - the same type windows that my sister in law got from them last summer.

I sort of hate to see the old ones go: wood, true multiple lights, original to the house. But they are in terrible shape. So this year we'll replace everything upstairs and the living room picture window - maybe next year the rest of the downstairs. The new ones won't have the same character, but I'm looking forward (big time) to fewer drafts and easier washing.

I've set the wacky socks aside for the moment to work on a little raglan sleeved shrug.

The yarn is Evilla Artyarn 8/2, which is sort of like Kauni, with the same type of long color repeats. I'm using it doubled. It's one of those rather scratchy, lanolin-y with bits of straw yarns that makes you feel almost physically connected to the sheep it came from. Some folks just hate this kind of yarn, but I don't mind, and I fell in love with the color. This picture is about the tenth attempt to capture it. The photos kept coming out purple and pink, which it definitely is not; but this one is close to accurate. I'm on the last row of body ribbing and have the armhole ribbings left to do. At this point, it is highly uncertain whether I have enough yarn to finish. I think I can squeak by without ripping back and eliminating a row from the body. But I'm not sure. Stand by for further developments.

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Sandra said...

I love that type of yarn - and I think I made the same shrug in blue!