Friday, June 18, 2010


For their own safety, we decided that the new cats should be strictly indoor fellows. They enjoy sitting in the windows, and we try to keep them interested with a variety of toys. But Merlin, especially, clearly longs to be outside. He runs to the door every time it opens, and sometimes he sits there even when it doesn't. A couple of times he's slipped out (though fortunately didn't bolt when I went to fetch him back).

So I decided to try a harness and leash.

So far, it's working fairly well. We've been out three times now, exploring around the yard. Of course, it works because I follow his lead rather than trying to make him follow mine. It's not the same for him as running free, but he seems to like it all the same.

Bob watches us from the windows. I hope he doesn't feel left out. So far he seems content as things are.


magnusmog said...

Magnus feels their pain - he is too grumpy and violent for me to put a harness on!

Annie Pazoo said...

Good ol' Merlin. I bet he was very happy for the outdoor time. I gave up awhile ago on the harness thingy, as our girls just turn into heavy, slinking packages whilst on leash.

Did you see this week's NYT piece on "catios"? Too funny.
Perhaps Mr. S. could build an adventure-land for the boys (monorail, anyone?)