Monday, June 07, 2010

All Done

And I'm quite pleased with the results.

Laura mentioned that there is a certain oddity to working on a winter hat in the rather steamy weather we have been experiencing. Well, yes; yes there is. But I confess to having a hidden agenda. I'm trying to put together a box of things to go to a homeless shelter in the fall, and know that if I don't start now it will be fall in about a week or less and I'll have very little to go into the box.

The yarn here is plain old Wool Ease. It has the benefit of being machine washable; and while it's not as warm as 100% wool, between the cable pattern and the turned up cuff it should be warm enough. The pattern is "Jack's Cabled Hat" by Margaret Schroeder, which I had as part of the 2008 "Pattern A Day" calendar. I checked on Ravelry, and it can also be separately purchased for download there.

Most of the time I like making things up myself, but I must say, it was quite relaxing to just knit from someone else's pattern. No sketching, no calculating, (no ripping back decreases I had miscalculated). Blind following has it's up side. I may start doing it more often.

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YarnThrower said...

I really like the blind following... It's a lot less brain power, and nice when I'm watching tv...