Friday, October 02, 2009

Taking it from the top

Well, in this case from the bottom, really. But you know what I mean.

I've started a second go around on the triangle pattern, tweaking it just a little. So far no big change - just 4 sts of garter at the edges instead of 3. When I do get to the top I'm going to try something different, hopefully less prone to curl yet still visually satisfying. We will see.

This will be smaller than the first one because 1) it's a finer yarn (Cascade "Heritage" sock yarn) and 2) I have less yardage.


kmkat said...

I love it! There are specific features that knock me out but it is too hard to describe them (I know, I tried) so I'll just say I love the whole thing.

kathyshandscreate said...

Would love to have the pattern. Is it one you are creating or can I get it somewhere?

Elizabeth said...

OOoh, very very lovely!