Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Needs New Toes

The sock at the bottom had a big old hole in the toe, so I re-knit it.

The one at the top isn't quite worn through, but as it has a spot that's thinning I decided to fix it, too, and be done with it. I've run needles through the stitches of the "pick up" round. I'll cut the toe off a couple of rows above that.

It would make sense to then unravel back to the row of stitches on the needles. I discovered on the first sock that the knitting is just felted enough to make unravelling difficult, so I let it be. I don't know if the resulting couple of rows of double thickness will be uncomfortable when worn. Time (and wearing) will tell.


marianne sheil said...

Hi Cindy, I came across the mention you made of my blog a while back ( the clay dojo ) and wanted to say hi. Your blog looks great. Must be getting pretty cold now where you are. thanks again! marianne sheil

smariek said...

Great way to breathe new life into your worn out socks.

magnusmog said...

Lucky socks to get repaired and not thrown out!